Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Venom Energy Drink : Killer Taipan and Black Mamba Flavor!

We managed to get our hands on these energy drinks late night in Seattle while wandering around one evening, and ran into some Venom crew handing these out on the street.  This relaunched brand of energy drink decided to focus on a theme to distinguish itself and I think it works.  Venom energy is Dr. Pepper's attempt to elbow its way into the the energy drink market.  These snake themed energy drinks go off the whole idea of 'Choose your poison," which we found kind of clever.

 The two varieties we scored were the Killer Taipan, featuring a really refreshing infusion of mango flavor and the Black Mamba which had a very classic energy drink flavor, sort of like their flagship drink.  Packaging wise these drinks had eye catching colors and the snake eye motif, and were delivered in a really satisfying to hold sturdy aluminum bottle with a screw top.  I really loved the flavor and scent of the Killer Taipan, with its very distinguishable fruity mango flavor.  The Black Mamba was nothing remarkable, tasting similar to the standard Monster Energy beverage.  They delivered a good buzz courtesy of the Taurine, Guarana, vitamins and other ingredients.

I didn't experience any crash later which really surprised me, but heck..props to Venom for creating this line.  I'll be sure to pick one up next time we're up late working.  Recommended for any energy head, the Killer Taipan especially is a must try!

These are really hard to find online, but can be found at most grocery stores and some gas stations.  We'll let you know when these drinks are more widely distributed.