Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not so good: Pringles Restaurant Cravers: Onion Blossom!

This is our third review of Pringles, our second of the Restaurant Cravers line.  After the first review of the Pringles Restaurant Cravers (which was unfortunate enough to earn a Not so good tag as well), we were a bit reluctant to pick up this new flavor.  Would it meet our expectation of tasting like a real onion blossom?  Or would we just be let down again?  I'm sad to report that it's the latter.

Packaged in the familiar black tube, this one with small teal green detailing.  I decide to take a whiff before tasting, and it did smell slightly sweet, like an onion might smell like.  So I can safely say that at first I was just ever so hopeful.  But upon eating the first chip, my hopes were quickly dashed.  The sweetness I was smelling tasted more like honey mustard, rather than onion.  I ate another chip just to be sure, but alas, there was no onion flavor to be found. 

Honey mustard could be used as a dipping sauce for onion blossoms, so I suppose therein lies the link between a real onion blossom, and Pringles Restaurant Cravers: Onion Blossom.  But that is a poor link, at best.  If what you seek in a chip is a slightly sweet flavor with a bit of a bite, then give it a shot. Just be aware that you will not be savoring any onion blossom goodness at all.