Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kettle Brand Spicy Thai Chips!

This week we review another Kettle brand chip, the Spicy Thai flavor. Its an exciting concept, as from what we could tell there's never been any such flavor. However I kept a clamp on my excitement due to previous dissapointments we experienced with some other chips that promised bold flavor but underwhelmed in every way.

What made us pick this up from the grocery aisle? The packaging on this one screamed out to us, with a bright reddish orange bag that stood out from everything around it. Its funny how little this color is used in the chip aisle, but it worked. The Kettle bags are nice as always, with their pleasant matte finish. I don't really know why I enjoy such a simple aspect of the packaging so much, but I guess it comes down to simply doing things differently.

I opened the bag expecting really reddish chips but they looked quite normal! But man, flavor wise these blew me away. Fantastic. They have the typical very handmade look of other Kettle Chips, but the spice on this one was very surprising. After biting down on one of these chips you get a very sweet flavor, that climaxes into a spicy and tangy finish. That spicy flavor though was so distinctly Thai that we had to discuss exactly what it reminded us of. After having a few it just popped into my head, ginger! It had the exact same flavor profile of eating ginger, a sweet start that builds up into a very distinct and spicy flavor. Kettle, you nailed it on the head! These are probably my new favorite chips.

The mix of delicious, crunchy chip and fantastic seasoning amount to an exotic and delicious experience. Once we have a hall of fame I'll be sure to indict this as one of our top faves! :D


Buy this snack! :)