Monday, October 12, 2009

365 Brand Rosemary Crostini!

I've always been a fan of simple flavors in snacks, which is a quality that makes it easy to pair with other foods, as well as stand alone by themselves. 365 brand is the Whole Foods Market 'Every day value' line which features grocery style items at a decent price.

These Crostini really stand out because they offer a really delicious olive oil and rosemary flavor in a rustic, Italian style cracker. The flavor of the olive oil and rosemary go perfectly well together, while not being overpowering on your palette. They're also not too salty thankfully so we didn't find ourselves reaching for a beverage every few minutes. Another brand I tried in the past, known as 'Bella Rustica' crostini were so heavily salted that they couldn't be paired with anything else, kind of defeating the purpose.

These are perfect by themselves, or paired with cheese, tapenades, dips, pates, salumi, Nutella, and more. They bring out the flavor of other items while not competing with them. Excellent and simple, with full bodied flavor for any rosemary lover out there.

Buy these at your local Whole Foods Market! :)