Monday, October 5, 2009

San Pellegrino Aranciata(Orange Soda)!

From Italian company San Pellegrino, purveyors of plenty of drinks comes this classic that has become pretty mainstream stateside in the last few years. The Aranciata(Orange drink in Italian) has been a drink I've enjoyed plenty over the last few years. For some reason I've felt that orange soda over the last few years has on the most part been neglected by the drink industry, and this beverage has come along to fill that void.

Its a superb orange drink, mildly fizzy and not too sweet with sharp citrusy flavors. Its refreshing, tangy, and could be considered a gourmet soda thanks to aspects like the excellent packaging and the Italian spring water base.In terms of packaging, this soda does an excellent job of really making every can feel special. The tops of these cans are covered with an aluminum slip that prevents any dirt from collecting on the tops. The can itself features a nice mix of colors that make it really eye catching in a grocery aisle. San Pellegrino definitely put alot of effort into making the packaging appealing and it shows!

In this overly sugared age of orange sodas, this one definitely stands out from the crowd for being really well balanced flavor wise and its excellent packaging. A must try for anyone looking for a good, refreshing orange flavored soda! :)


Buy this snack! :)