Saturday, October 10, 2009

News: Nitrous Monster Energy Drink

Having been around for less than 2 months now, it seems that the net has been abuzz about this new, off the wall variety of the popular Monster Energy drinks.  Touting a Nitrous Oxide infusion, this variety of Monster is supposed to have a creamy texture and delicious flavor.  Some people have noted that this drink has 'head,' as in the creamy foam that appears when you pour certain types of beers.  Sounds pretty intriguing, and a first in the energy drink industry.

There are three varieties of Nitrous Monster.  Nitrous Monster: Killer B (With the flavor of tea sweetened with honey), Nitrous Monster: Anti-Gravity(With fruitier, citrus tones and pineapple hints), and Nitrous Monster: Super Dry (Featuring a lime sweet and sour flavor).  This new variety of monster drinks all come in 12 oz sleek cans with resealable caps, perfect for people looking to take their buzz on the go.  We're definitely going to try to get our hands on some of these for review.  Supposedly the Super Dry variety is the hardest to find so far.  Stay tuned for more about this energy drink line by Monster!

Update: 10/12/2009
We just learned that Monster Nitrous: Killer-B flavor was recalled by Monster due to them feeling the flavor was not up to notch.  It will return in the near future after Monster attempts to address this issue.
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