Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Izze Sparkling Blackberry Juice!

We picked up this drink in the 'Organic' section of our local grocery store.  Why?  The slick look, and the Blackberry flavor(A rarity in the carbonated drink market).  That's all it took to get our attention and pick a can up.  They're sharply designed 8.5oz cans and look great.

This fizzy beverage contains 70% fruit juice, no preservatives and some vitamins added in to boot.  I'm happy to report it tastes great.  It stays true to what it says, delivering rich blackberry flavor with some fizz.  Its surprisingly smooth and not too sugary, offering a nice tickle to the back of the throat as it goes down.  Definitely worth a try if you're a fan of juice or are looking for a healthier alternative to Soda.  There are quite a few other flavors as well including Clementine, Grapefruit, Apple and Pomegranate.  If you get a few cans they'll make your fridge look like a rainbow!


Buy this snack :)