Thursday, October 1, 2009

LU Petit Ecolier Dark Chocolate Cookies!

Ah, how I love snacks that go well with a glass of milk or tea. These gourmet European treats take a simple butter cookie and add a new dimension of flavor that brought me to a happy place. A nice dark chocolate coating on top featuring an embossing of the ecolier(french for schoolboy).

There were a few varieties of this product including milk chocolate, 45% dark and 75% dark. We went with the happy middle, so we could enjoy a very pleasant mild bitterness after each bite. These cookies are really pretty to look at, each featuring the intricate and pretty detailed schoolboy on the chocolate part. Upon taking a bite you experience the crunchiness of the cookie mixed with the melt in your mouth chocolate, and I loved every moment of it. After you dip a few of these in some milk you end up with a nice glass of chocolate milk(we loved that added bonus). These cookies are a rich, decadent treat that really made our day. Only con is the price, they're not cheap but the quality speaks for itself. Two thumbs way up!

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