Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kit Kat Extra Crispy Chocolate!

Kit Kat is a classic british confection that's been around since 1935. Originally introduced by Rowntree's of York, England back in the day it is now widely distributed by Nestle. The American variety of the KitKat however is produced under license by Hershey's. The classic version of this KitKat bar consists of 4 fingers made up of cream filled wafers covered in milk chocolate. The extra crispy variety of this product takes one of these fingers and basically supersizes it with 6 layers of wafer.

Its sort of a bummer that they chose to only put one of these super fingers in each of the packages. Part of what made standard KitKat's special was snapping each chocolate finger off. This jumbo one nearly feels kind of selfish, if we can say so. Flavor wise its chocolatey and very crispy as it claims to be, but not reinventing the wheel in any way. Its a new take on the classic bar, and if you don't mind there not being much of a difference you'll be sure to enjoy this. I personally prefer the European and Japanese varieties thanks to the use of real sugar, its definitely noticeable with the quality of the milk chocolate covering. However, that aside its worth a try. :)


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