Monday, October 12, 2009

Dorito's Late Night: Tacos at Midnight!

So, we were browsing the grocery store the other day, and this caught our attention right away.  Dorito's Late Night: Tacos at Midnight.  What?  Late Night?  How does that work?  What does that mean?  Totally intrigued, we picked this up.  These special edition Dorito's come in a matte black bag, with neon signs as it's text, just to drive home the fact that these are "late night". 

The familiar corn tortilla chip is coated in a dark colored seasoning, which makes it look like it's going to be kind of spicy.  As I took a bite, I noticed that while not super spicy at all, it has a fairly small kick to it.  It tasted a bit like cumin, and also had a peppery, tangy quality to it.  It definitely had taco seasoning.  I found it to be quite yummy.  The texture was crunchy like the traditional Dorito's tortilla chips.  Though I can't seem to figure out the point of dubbing these "Tacos at Midnight".  Tacos: Yes.  Midnight: I guess?  Tacos are tacos, no matter the time of day.   Maybe it was more of a reference to night clubbers, as an attempt to appeal to a different demographic. Labeling these as "late night" is simply a clever marketing move.  Hey, it obviously worked on us!   

Another interesting marketing feature is on the back of the bag.  A white outlined square icon with a white triangle inside the square, and some instructions above the icon.  The instructions say to go to their website, activate our webcam, and place the icon in front of the webcam.  We had a bit of difficulty getting this to work.  Webcam and chip bag difficulties aside, I'd recommend this Special edition snack!  Can be enjoyed anytime. :)