Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News: Doritos October Flavors and Asylum 626!

Frito Lay recently announced on their Snack Blog that they are bringing back two flavors to celebrate Halloween! :) These discontinued flavors getting the resurrection treatment are : Doritos Black Pepper Jack and Doritos Smokin' Hot Cheddar BBQ! They'll be back on shelves throughout October for a limited time only, and will feature cross functionality with the immersive Halloween themed Asylum 626 website. You'll be able to scan a marker image on the back(with a webcam) to unlock new content on the website.

The idea is really interesting, and the cross functionality adds a really unique experience for anyone looking to get immersed in the sequel to last years online offering, Hotel 626. Check it out! We're going to see if we can get our hands on these flavors to review for you guys. Props to the Doritos team for keeping their October lineup relevant and interesting. :) The slogan also makes these Doritos nice and eye catching: "They're back...Enter the UNKNOWN!"


Frito Lay Snack Blog

Asylum 626