Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News: Blood Energy Potion !

This new beverage by Harcos, based in Santa Monica California is intended to treat people with 'bloodlust' and probably will please plenty of Twilight and True Blood fans. :)

This beverage is from the same guys that brought you Mana Energy Potion and Health Energy (The videogame based beverages).  This shot of bloodlust quelling red fluid is fruit punch flavored and comes packaged in a really fun pouch that looks like a transfusion bag.  This beverage will be available soon from various retailers, including Hot Topic, Fry's, Think Geek and a few other websites.

I think the packaging is awesome and will definitely be an eye catcher on store shelves, we'll see about the flavor.  You can order them now from their tongue in cheek website to get your fix right before Halloween! :)  No prescription required.