Monday, October 19, 2009

Swedish Fish!

Swedish Fish, while not being the hardest snack to find has over time become one of my favorite candies to eat every once in a while.  These Swedish snacks, originally by Malaco of Sweden are now manufactured by the Canadian based Cadbury Adams Co.

These Swedish fish shaped gummies have a nice semi firm texture with a solid berry flavor.  That is, they're not way too chewy and don't get as stuck in your teeth as other offerings might(like gummi bears).  personally really enjoyed the firm outside texture with the soft interior and always mix these with popcorn during movies to allow for a nice mix of a sweet and salty.

Its a classic treat thats been around since the early 70's, and now enjoys a cult following. :)  If you haven't had the chance to try these just yet, please..Do yourself a favor!  These can be found in just about any grocery store, IKEA, movie theatres, and any Swedish themed store. :)  Lets not forget about all the other flavors as well, from Licorice to mixed fruit!  I love 'em all.  Recommended.


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