Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snack News: Bubble Chocolate!

We just got word about 'Bubble Chocolate,' a new chocolate product that promises to deliver a unique taste experience. Their aerated chocolate is supposed to deliver a light and airy melt in mouth chocolate experience! The concept seems quite unique and we've never seen such a thing stateside. The bars will be delivered in two varieties: Bubble Dark featuring 60% cocoa and Bubble Milk, featuring a creamier melt in your mouth flavor.

The idea seems novel and exciting, and thanks to the aerated concept these bars tend to be a little healthier without any compromise of chocolatey flavor. It seems this process involves filling the chocolate bars with lots of tiny air bubbles to provide a very light yet decadent chocolate experience. We've already contacted the Massachusetts based Bubble Chocolate to see if we can get some samples for review! :) The product premiered in US markets on September 15.

Bubble Chocolate