Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twix PB!

Twix has been a snack that’s never disappointed with its great mix of caramel, crunchy cookie and milk chocolate exterior taking you through a gamut of flavors and textures. This one offers a different experience for peanut butter lovers with some of the familiarity of eating a standard Twix. The Peanut Butter variety of Twix was first introduced in 1983 till 1997, and then reintroduced in 2000. In terms of what it does different from the last generation of PB Twix, it replaces the standard cookie with a chocolate one. We can see why they chose to revisit this aspect of the snack to make it a little more different from normal Twix.

PB Twix comes in red packaging and contains two thin bars. First thing I noticed after opening this package was the pleasant peanut butter smell I was greeted with. It was somewhat reminiscent of a Reese's cup smell, but with a minor hint of milk chocolate. After biting into one of these I experienced the really yummy milk chocolate exterior, followed by the crunch of the chocolate cookie and a really strong peanut butter finish. :) Thanks to the peanut butter it has a lightly salty finish, which is kind of different in a good way.

While trying this I imagined this is the result of what would happen if a Twix and a Peanut Butter cup were cross bred. Its a really delicious mix of a cookie, chocolate and good old peanut butter. If you like peanut buttery snacks, you'll definitely want to check this out!

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