Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to Snack Overload!

I set out to start this blog in order to write about something I really enjoy, snacks. Snacks of any kind, be they salty, sweet, spicy or whatever other flavor. I've always set out to find that good quick fix that would take care of those hunger pangs. A few weeks ago I realized that there were no dedicated blogs to covering all those yummy snacks that us gamers, avid movie watchers and in general college/high schoolers gravitate towards.

This blog will cover whatever we can get our hands on, and I'll also be more than happy to review or talk about any reader recommendations. My hope is to eventually be able to tell you guys about up and coming snacks and promote this blog to the one stop for people craving reviews or news related to your favorite snacks. I hope you guys enjoy the blog and share your feedback to help make this blog the one stop shop for snack related news and articles.

Sirio (Snack Overlord)