Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alice's Stick Cookies!

For our first artisan snack review, I wanted to cover Alice's Stick Cookies, a truly amazing biscotti like cookie which really blew our minds here at SnackOverload. I got a chance to try the vanilla flavored version of these cookie with some tea and instantly fell in love.

These cookies are rich, buttery and complex. Its an amazing transition from vanilla to a toffee finish, and the cookie, despite its semi firm exterior just melts in your mouth instantly. Absolutely not what I expected from a cookie that looked like a rigid biscotti on first glance. Dipped in tea, milk, or just alone..These cookies left a very positive impression on everyone who had a chance to try them. They're delicate and delicious, moist and pure awesome!

These are a little harder to find and little pricier, but worth every penny. There's other flavors we haven't had the chance to try, like Orange Chocolate, Lemon and other delicious flavors. These cookies are handmade with a lot of love, and it shows! A must try.

Buy this snack :)