Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reese's Fast Break!

Do you like Reese's Peanut Butter cups? Do you like peanut butter in general? Well Reese's Fast Break bar might be the thing for you. It seems Hershey decided to take the classic peanut butter cup and turn into a bar format, allowing you to eat this on the go.

Packaging wise it's the typical orange format we're all used to with the addition of a nice blue stripe that caught our attention to begin with in the checkout aisle. This version of a Reese's product also adds nougat to the mix aside from the standard milk chocolate and peanut butter, adding a little bit of a twist to the typical flavor we're used to. In terms of flavor the bar tastes just like their peanut butter cup with a really rich chocolate and peanut butter flavor, but I could barely taste the nougat. After cutting open the bar it became obvious why, there was a small sliver of nougat under a mound of peanut butter which drowned out most of that flavor. I didn't mind as much, you could detect the subtle flavor of it in between bites.

What I've always liked about these Reese's products is the slightly salty aftertaste that comes after the sweet, and this bar features the same flavor profile. So in a nutshell, Reeses Fast Break Candy Bar is a really awesome choice if you don't like fiddling with the cups and prefer a much easier to eat version of a classic. It doesn't do much new, but at the same time why fix something that's not broken? Delicious and peanut buttery, just the way I've always liked it.

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