Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn!

Kukuruza Popcorn is a local Seattle based gourmet popcorn maker thats been around for a few years now, creating all kinds of amazingly flavored popcorn to cater to every taste bud there might be! Having personally gone to their store regularly to pick up their amazing caramel corn for our office on various occasions, I've learned the difference between store bought and truly gourmet popcorn.

Offering 25 flavors ranging from naturally air popped, to the classic butter or caramel corn(my absolute favorite), to the very decadent cookies n' cream or rocky road popcorn varieties. If you ever have a chance to drop by Seattle and visit the store, an amazingly sweet aroma hits you the second you step in the store, only to be greeted to a grand spread of all colors and varieties of popcorn. Kukuruza takes great care into using only the best ingredients for their popcorn: The finest caramel made by hand, top of the line cashews, pecans and almonds, and fine chocolate to be drizzled on the flavor of your choice. They have also introduced a new line recently called "After 5," possibly the first alcohol popcorn line for adults!

The caramel corn I mentioned earlier is my favorite because it is hands down the best I've ever had the chance to try. The caramel is light and sugary with a mild smoky flavor, and once you start its hard to stop. Every time I've shared these at our office the bag disappears by the end of the day. Let that quality speak for how good this popcorn is.

I've had the chance to take home their lovely bags and tins for various occasions and this popcorn really stands heads above the competition. They also deliver internationally! Go check out their website and see what the fuss is about.

Buy this snack :)