Monday, September 28, 2009

Snack News: Breyers Introducing Cinnamon Bun Yogurt Snack!

We just learned that the Colorado based Breyers Yogurt Co. is adding a very yummy sounding flavor, Cinnamon Bun to its yogurt line this month (combining the flavor of rich cinnamon and sweet icing). From reading on their website, it’s 100 percent fat-free, fortified with extra helpings of vitamins A and D and calcium, has 70 percent less sugar (only 7g of sugar per serving) and 50 percent fewer calories than the leading low-fat sweetened yogurt.

We're excited to hear about this flavor, and hope that the fat free tag doesn't completely sacrifice flavor. It seems to be a completely new flavor for yogurt products, the closest being the Apple Turnover flavor from Yoplait. We hope to snag one of these soon at the local grocery store to review for you guys! Be on the lookout for these.