Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pom Iced Coffee!

In general I've had a bit of a mixed relationship with the POM drinks yet in this case I've found a lot to love with their most recent offering, the iced coffee variety. The first time I ran into these was while I was attending E3 earlier this year and these were being handed out quite liberally on the street. I was really surprised that they had decided to go the way of coffee after the pretty successful Pomegranate line they've offered.

Anyways, the flavor of these drinks was incredibly decadent and deep while being promoted as a health drink. The whole idea is that these drinks contain the same amount of antioxidants that their pomegranate drinks hold while having a delicious chocolatey coffee flavor(Promoted as POMx). The shape of the bottle too was really appealing to me as well and was comfy to hold and drink out of. Its the type of drink I'd really appreciate having rows of in my fridge simply due to their sleek design. The flavor on the one I tried(Chocolate) was really rich and satisfying, with a dark chocolate vibe that really gave me a good buzz and a full bodied coffee flavor. I fell in love with the drink at E3 and have been drinking it regularly on late nights, when the urge for a yummy chilled coffee drink comes in. There are three flavors: Chocolate, Cafe Au Lait and Vanilla.

Despite the slightly pricier tag(as with other Pom products), this is really worth a try. They're a little harder to find in stores but can be easily tracked down online. If you're a fan of canned or bottled iced coffees(Like Starbucks or UCC coffee), this definitely could be considered a solid contender. Two thumbs up from me.


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