Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Vanilla Almond Cereal!

You ever had a handful of cereal as a quick snack? Theres just a few varieties of cereal that have always fit that role so well for me, when needing something quick on the go. This most recent offering by Post(Its not even listed on their website just yet) offers a very appealing combination of flavors that really goes well together.

Vanilla and Almond is a new flavor combination that works incredibly well with the shredded wheat format and really makes for an easy snacking solution. I found myself nibbling on these during random points of the day and taking them to work as well for a quick snack. The things I really liked about this cereal especially was that the flavor was just right, not too sugary as is common with some other cereals and the pleasant crunchy texture. The vanilla adds an amazing mildly ice-creamy flavor with a great nutty finish courtesy of those almonds. The size is also just right, making it very satisfying to pop one of these in your mouth and enjoy.

Now lets not forget these also go great with milk. :) Any cereal snacker will definitely get a kick out of these. Lets not forget that these are delicious, nutritious and full of fibery goodness!