Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk!

This is one of my favorite breakfast, or late night snack drinks. Horizon has done us a service by offering a superior version of boxed chocolate milk, free of bizzaro preservatives and color while also maintaing a rich, sweet cocoa taste! I've enjoyed these as a breakfast drink on multiple occasions and have always come out refreshed. The juice box like nature of the drink adds a certain nostalgic appeal to it, but it holds its own ground with its really delicious chocolatey taste.

Due to their organic nature you can find these in any organic section of your supermarket. They've become a bit more mainstream since the word got out about them, when they were mostly found at Whole Foods Markets. Give this drink a shot if you want to enjoy a yummier, easily portable chocolate milk. The only downfall to these cartons is that I wish they were bigger! (There are full milk carton sizes) :)

Buy this snack :)