Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flat Earth Tangy Tomato Ranch Chips!

I first had a chance to try the Flat Earth offerings at a friends house when they were first released in stores a few years back. I have to say that these are my current favorite chips to mix with a box lunch, just thanks to the really good flavor. If you're a fan of tomato and the mild tang of ranch in your chips, these will really surprise you. They have a pleasant ridged texture and the flavor doesn't overwhelm. I remember being skeptical about these chips until I tried my first one and experienced an explosively pleasant tomato flavor. They're pretty easy to find as most grocery stores now carry them, compared to a few years back where they were most available at higher end stores.

Another awesome thing about these chips is that eating them is supposed to translate nutritionally to eating a serving of veggies. These chips have a nice perky serving of Vitamin C and are baked as well, which I wouldn't have guessed from when I tried them. The only thing I'd say is that these pair better with water rather than soda. Thumbs up to Flat Earth for making these awesome veggie crisps. I look forward to trying their other flavors.