Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cheetos White Cheddar All Natural Puffs!

When you think of Cheetos the first thing that pops into your head is the whole notion of 'Dangerously Cheesy.' Cheetos has set out to reach to a new crowd with the slightly more guilt free White Cheddar flavored Cheetos, preservative free and artificial color free among other things.

In terms of look and flavor they definitely have a different shape and texture, more airy and puffy than a typical cheeto. Upon opening the nicely designed bag(kudos to keeping Chester in there) they emit a really pleasant, natural cheddar aroma thats not too strong. Flavor wise its a real winner, after having a few of these tangy puffs I kept coming back for more. The flavor never grew overpowering as with some other cheese flavored chips I've tried. I had my doubts after picking these up for around $3.90 as to whether the difference would be noticeable.

However, I'm really happy to say that these Cheetos seriously kick butt. They're the perfect accompaniment with a good soda or sandwich while kicking back watching a movie or even some Xbox. Have to say that the amount of cheeto dust on these is significantly reduced, which really keeps the old habit of pant wiping out of the equation. Definitely a good substitute for standard Cheetos if you're looking for a healthier option while maintaining the trademark dangerously cheesy flavor.