Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soy Joy Gluten Free Bars!

What happens when you take the goodness of soy and mix it with delicious fruits, nuts and chocolate? You get SoyJoy, our first gluten free review on Snack Overload! We're going to talk about two of their yummy baked bars, SoyJoy Peanut Chocolate Chip and SoyJoy Almond Raisin from their All Natural Fruit and Soy line. I'm honestly not much of a soy consumer but I found these to be pretty darn good and healthy too. They come in bars like Snickers would, with specks of fruit and nuts in them. The whole time I was eating these I kept thinking of cutting these up into small pieces and enjoying them with a glass of milk, because they reminded me of cookies in a good way.

The texture of these bars was a little chewy, a little mealy but it overall tasted great. The peanut chocolate chip bar had specks of nuts and other goodies in it with a yummy peanut flavor residing through the whole experience. The raisin almond bar had an immediate fruity smell before you even bit into it with a nice fruit flavor, with a subtle touch of almonds. Really reminded me of an oatmeal raisin cookie in terms of consistency and flavor, we think it might have had something to do with the baked nature of these bars(We're not complaining though). I preferred the peanut chocolate chip simply because of my love for any snack with a strong peanut taste. :)
In conclusion these SoyJoy bars are a definite must try even if you are new to the soy scene. It’s an interesting alternative to a chocolate bar and accommodates people's special dietary needs. They're also available in many other flavors to cater to everyones taste buds, like the more exotic Mango Coconut Bar. :) Recommended!

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