Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ostrim Natural Beef & Ostrich Stick!

These ostrim snack sticks are a product I ran into at a smoothie store a few weeks back. Not knowing what to expect I picked one up simply out of the label saying it contained ostrich. They're decently sized, perfectly snack sized for a mid day craving for something a little meatier. They resemble a pepperoni stick and come in an eye catching gold wrapper.

In terms of flavor I had no idea what to expect, but upon first bite the first thing I noticed is the lack of that typically greasy, gristly flavor that alot of beef/snack sticks tend to possess. It has more of a nice, firm texture with a spicy bite and really nice hints of garlic and seasoning that make it quite delicious. It has a nice, strong meaty taste, and the ostrich contributes an interesting albeit different and more beefy flavor. Another thing thats great is that these are 96% fat free and have no preservatives/nitrates, and actually taste waay better than most grocery/convenience store offerings. I'd definitely reccomend these for any snack stick/jerky lover out there. Amazing flavor, the exotic meat flavor and great seasoning make this a must try.

They're a little harder to find in stores, but are readily found online. Theres lots of other Ostrim flavors too! Teriyaki, Pepper and BBQ varieties are also available.

Buy this snack :)