Monday, September 28, 2009

Snack News: Kraft Announces Toblerone Tobelle!

Kraft just announced today that they would be premiering a new concept for the Toblerone line called 'Toblerone Tobelle' at the Cannes TFWA event (Tax and duty free retail expo basiscally). The 'Tobelle' take on Toblerone will feature thin triangular pieces of Toblerone chocolate while maintaining the same delicious flavor of milk chocolate, honey and almond nougat.

I'm honestly pleased to hear about this because Toblerone hasn't really done much new with their product in quite a few years now aside from their Toblerone Fruit and Nut, which is also quite delicious. We've always loved the strong honey/milk chocolate flavor of Toblerone. This new format should also make it much easier to share with friends and snack on, which we find quite appealing. The new format also includes a triangular box with red and gold packaging which will definitely be an eye catcher once it launches. We'll be sure to try and get our hands on one of these for a review. :)