Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guylian Chocolate Seashell Pralines!

Belgian companyGuylian have made quite a name for themselves for their incredibly decadent Seashell Praline line over the years, a delicious meld featuring a blend of Belgian white, milk and dark chocolate filled with roasted hazelnut praline. Each seashell is meticulously crafted to represent various shells and sea creatures, including seahorses and clamshells.

This pack is the perfect snack size, holding 3 yummy confections of these shells which are easy to pop into your mouth one at a time. They melt instantly in your hand and even faster in your mouth, the flavor transitioning from a really wonderful chocolate flavor to an intense, sweet hazelnut cream. This is the type of snack to savor as long as you can before letting it go, and will fill you with all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings. :)

A personal favorite of mine since being in Europe, I’m happy to see these offered in most mid to high end grocery stores. Pricier, but worth every penny!

Buy this snack :)