Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snack Overload Flu Edition: Ricola Cough Drops!

Alright! So we’re approaching October, and getting ever so closer to the dreaded flu season. As a result we’ve decided to focus on one of the better cough drops on the US market, the Swiss made Ricola cough drops. Having had the flu recently thanks to a friend, I thought I’d mention in case any reader of this blog is unfortunate enough to catch the bug this season.

Though not considered a snack of course, if sick you’ll be literally snacking on these for a quick fix to relieve any annoying cough and sinuses. In terms of flavors we had our hands on menthol and mixed berry, with Vitamin C. Menthol offers a really nice strong kick and minty flavor that really clears out your sinuses, like having some horse radish. Starts out light then hits you hard, which is actually nice and refreshing. The mixed berry flavor is much milder and definitely for people not in the mood for getting their butts kicked by a cough drop. Fruitier and much smoother, the mixed berry Ricola is also quite soothing drop for anyone experiencing cough symptoms, providing relief when it’s most needed.These babies can be found relatively cheap at most common grocery stores/pharmacies! We wish everyone a flu free season!

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