Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uncle Jerry's Handmade Pretzels!

Its been a long quest for me to find the perfect packaged pretzel, and I've been looking far and wide for a delicious alternative to the standard grocery store pretzel.  What comes after the factory made pretzel?  Handmade pretzels, each twisted by hand.  Uncle Jerry's is a good example of this process, and its truly levels above the competition.

So how are these pretzels made?  Without oil, shortening, preservatives and any of that artificial nonsense.  This results in a really authentic, homey quality to these pretzels.  They are baked on a stone hearth and are made the same way they have been for the last 100 years, since the recipe first originated.  They are also quite big, halfway between an Auntie Anne's pretzel and grocery type pretzels.

Uncle Jerry's was nice enough to send us three varieties of pretzels, their Extra Dark, Whole Weat Low Salt Sesame Seed, and Special(their flagship offering).  We gave all the pretzels a try and each had different opinions on our faves, but heres the basic rundown:

Extra Dark

Offered a slightly more deep flavor, with a smokier taste and finish.  This was way crunchier than the others, and anyone who likes a slightly burnt flavor to their snacks will love these!

Whole Wheat Sesame Low Salt

Delicious and light and with a subtle salty flavor and slightly earthy hints.  It was fun getting the hints of sesame in between bites.  Less crunch than the others!  This was my all out fave.  I love my pretzels to not be too salty and these delivered.


Smooth, crunchy, salty and absolutely delicious.  Their classic offering did everything, with their delicious Dark finish.  Wonderful with mustard, and if you're old enough..A frosty glass of beer.

Overall, these were just fantastic.  The handmade quality of these really shines through(no two pretzels are the same) and they deliver a really homey taste, as if our own grandma baked these up for you.  If you love pretzels, these are absolutely worth a shot!  We commend Jerry's Pretzels for sticking to the traditional way of making pretzels, you'll notice the difference the first time you bite into one of their delicious pretzels. :)