Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daim Chocolate!

While perusing our local Ikea the other day, we came across these tiny treats.  The bright, fire engine red bag with blue lettering had caught our eye.  Daim originated in Sweden and Norway in the 1950's, and was made to be a treat similar to a product produced by the American company, Heath.  Daim is now owned by Kraft Foods.

The large bag contained the bited sized, individually wrapped pieces.  As I sampled a piece, I noticed the outer milk chocolate coating is super smooth.  It melted off of the crunchy center really easily, perhaps maybe a little too easily (it left a bit of chocolate on my fingers).  It's sweet, but not overly so.  The crunchy center is said to be an almond caramel bar, but I must admit I didn't really taste the almond., just  a toffee/caramel.  Flavorwise, it is rich and decadent. 

It is described as crunchy, and man, they weren't joking!  It also has a bit a sticky characteristic to it.  For example, while biting into it, you definitely get a crunch, but then it starts to stick to your teeth a bit.  But the pleasing taste makes up for the stuck-in-your-teeth texture, even for someone with a big aversion to such foods, like myself.  These treats can be hard to come by, so if you happen to be at your local Ikea sometime, keep on the lookout for these! :)