Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheetos GIANT Blue Color Changers!

This snack specimen was procured through a rare trip to a far off Wal-Mart, and though at first glance it appears to be a regular bag of Cheetos chips, closer inspection reveals that this is something a little different.

What makes these Cheetos special? As the package claims, not only are they GIANT, but they are also engineered to turn your tongue blue upon consumption. Looking over the package more, you will also learn these are available only for a limited time, and this snack appears to tied into Halloween, as there are bats flying into the picture on the front, as well as what appears to be a fence similar to what you would find around a graveyard or perhaps a haunted mansion at the bottom. There is also a sign in the bottom left proclaiming the curious and slightly baffling phrase “Saturday Night Come Alive”.  Chester Cheetah is seen in the middle, over-excitedly licking a GIANT Cheeto ball.

So, how about the snack inside? Well, upon tearing into the bag, you are greeted with unassuming, albeit large (think big marshmallow sized) Cheeto balls. Popping one between my mighty jaws, I found the texture to be a little coarse, almost threatening to scrape my mouth as I ate…The taste is about what you would expect from a puffy type Cheeto snack, though I found the flavor to be a little subdued, and the texture is what I would notice the most while eating these. As for the color changing properties, they do indeed change your tongue blue, though more of a pale hue, rather then the deep dark blue as modeled by Chester on the front of the package.

Overall, well, these are cheetos. Of all the cheeto brand snacks, these are probably my least favorite. The rough texture, weaker taste, and tongue tinting additives did little to win my favor. I would suggest sticking with the superior Natural Cheetos, or any of the other cheeto branded snacks for that matter.  Still, if you want something novel, these are to my knowledge the only cheese flavored, cheetah endorsed snacks that can turn your tongue blue available.

-John AKA 'Mystery Snacker'

These are limited edition, so look for them in your grocery store!